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Kosher Sofer

Kosher Sofer Premium Membership Basic

Kosher Sofer Premium Membership Basic

Premium Member Basic package includes: 

Annual checks of your Mezuzas by an expert Sofer sent to us in the mail / 50 included (on-site visit by the sofer incurs an extra charge)

Questions to a Sofer answered.

Expert analysis before purchasing a Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzas / included.

Annual Optional fascinating presentation on Safrus for your community/ Included.

Annual External check of Tefillin Straps and Batim / included.

Assistance with purchases of Sefer Torahs, Tefillin and Mezuzahs.




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Sofer Avrohom Dovid writing a Mezuzah.

A Mezuzah brings protection to you and your family according to the Code of Jewish Torah law. It is torah and written in the code of Jewish law that being careful with this Mitzvah one receives long life for themselves and their children.