A Unity Torah is being written for the soldiers safeguarding the Jewish people by Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe! Sponsorships for letters for soldiers, are tax deductible donating at baischanaca.weebly.com with the donate button. You may also secure letters and sponsor letters through Zelle: baischana770@gmail.com

letters for soldiers being written in a Unity Torah by Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe

  • Sefer Torah Events

    Now for the first time on the West Coast, you can host the Unity Sefer Torah for Soldiers to be written at your next event!

    In addition Synagogues, schools and private people have enjoyed hosting our Unity Sefer Torah and workshops on all levels, designed to create an understanding and bond with the Mitzvahs of Sefer Torah, Mezuzah and Tefillin.

    Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe's 25 years of experience with Safrut earned him the expertise in assesing quality of kashrut, valuating quality of penmanship, and abilities to clarify unique questions about Sifrei Torah Tefillin and Mezuzot. Your questions are important to him.

  • Checking and Repairs

    Sofer Wolffe can come to your home or business to check and repair your Mezuzot, Tefillin, and Sefer Torah. The checking can be accompanied with a celebration with your friends.

  • Contact Us

    Contact us for your Sofer needs at 213-706-9118 (text or call ) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time


  • Purchasing

    Buying a letter for a soldier is a spiritual protection the soldier and a merit for the one sponsoring the letter.

    You may purchase or sponsor letters online or host an event with the Sefer Torah for soldiers at your home, business or Synagogue. See more at BaisChanaca.weebly.com

    Purchasing all types of STaM: Sefer Torahs, Tefillin and Mezusas can be done with confidence with Avrohom Dovid's reliable knowledge and experience you can be sure you will get the quality and service you deserve!

Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe

Introducing Sofer
Avrohom Dovid Wolffe the eminent Chabad Sofer extraordinaire, renowned worldwide for
his exceptional craftsmanship, 
ksav Alter Rebbe letters and unwavering commitment to the holy art of writing and correcting sacred texts. With over
two decades of experience, he has become an esteemed authority in the realm of Sifrei Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzos. Meticulously honing his skills, he infuses
every stroke of the quill with symmetry and artistry, while infusing profound reverence into every letter. Guided by his impeccable ethics, he exemplifies
the epitome of integrity, ensuring that his works embody both Divine precision and profound spirituality. He chose this profession after working as a civil engineer in London and Israel building bridges and the Ben Gurion airport, as a professional musician, and learning Torah with Chassidus.

High recommendations

Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe learned and trained under esteemed Rabbis and Senior Sofers in Israel and abroad. He recieved Safrus ordination and updated ordination from the Mishmeres STaM in Bnei Brak, He has consulted for over 20 years with Rabbis who determine and apply Jewish law on the laws pertaining writing, checking, repairing and affixing STaM.

When do Mezuzas need to be checked?

The image here is a letter form Rabbi Yosef Feigelstok, Head of Chabad Beit Din Buenos Aires, to Sofer Avrohom Dovid with the sources in Jewish law dating from the Mishna up to our generation on the question of how often do Mezuzas need to be checked?

In summary, the response is to check at least twice every seven years and in our generation, the Lubavitcher Rebbe urges people to check every year. The entire letter is available by sending us a request.

Who recommends Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe?

Our Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe, is certified for this work by Mishmeres Lishkas STaM in Bnei Brak Israel and the Misrad Haavoda in Israel. 

Listed here are Rabbis who recommend Avrohom Dovid Wolffe as an expert and trustworthy Sofer:

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Feigelstock, Head of Beit Din Chabad of Buenos Aires, Argentina Author and Posek

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowski Posek and Rabbi of
Chabad Rechovot Israel, he serves as a member and Mazkir of the Vaad Rabanei Chabad in Eretz Yisroel.

Rabbi Yosef Daskel, Rabbi of Lishkat Halacha Lemaase Bnei Brak, Israel

Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi Congregation Chabad Ramot, Jerusalem, Leading Posek Torah authority on laws of Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzos. Author and expert on ksav Alter Rebbe.

Rabbi Moshe Wisnefski Author and scholar Jerusalem Israel

Rabbi Eliyahu Tauger Rabbi Author and scholar.

Rabbi Hertzel Peer, Rabbi CPY Synagogue L.A.

Rabbi Reuven Wolf, Rabbi Maayon Yisroel L.A.

Rabbi Yisroel Noach Raichik, Posek Congregation
Levi Yitzchak L.A. California

Rabbi Levi Raichik, Gabai, Congregation Levi
Yitzchak L.A. California

Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin Rabbi Ilford Hill London, UK

Rabbi Mifi Rav and Posek Rechovot Isael.

We hope you enjoy your KosherSofer experience.