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Kosher Sofer

Tefillin Checking Services

Tefillin Checking Services


Get the most out of your Tefillin. Tefillin checking services by: 

Certified Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe, your trusted Sofer with 24 years of experience and clients who come back for more services for decades.


Avrohom Dovid will check Tefillin for $120, which includes opening Tefillin, checking all Parshiyos and inserting them back correctly, closing, and sewing the Batim. An analysis of the quality of your Tefillin at your request.

Additional notes:

You may request hermetic cosmetic sealing or more services such as replacing straps for additional costs.

The time required to check Tefillin is about 2 hours per pair. Please tell Sofer if you are right-handed or left-handed. (Sometimes straps are tied incorrectly for your arm)


You may bring Tefillin to Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe at

5555 W 6th Street. Los Angeles CA 90036.

Call first 213-706-9118

Pick-up and delivery are available. Cost depends on distance.


Payment Options:


Credit card Check or cash to Bais Chana. This payment is not tax-deductible.

Thank you!

Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe: "Mezuzah and Tefillin are G-d's product. My goal is to promote G-d's product using my talents. It is a pleasure to be your trusted Sofer, helping safeguard you and your family. Enjoy!"



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Sofer Avrohom Dovid writing a Mezuzah.

A Mezuzah brings protection to you and your family according to the Code of Jewish Torah law. It is torah and written in the code of Jewish law that being careful with this Mitzvah one receives long life for themselves and their children.