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School presentation tailored to levels of students

School presentation tailored to levels of students

Our Sofer Avrohom Dovid Wolffe, has an endearing gentle personality. His love for students and for the spirituality that he is presenting to the students brings a special enjoyment and heartwarming affinity with the spirituality of the Scrolls thereby connecting the souls of the students to the Mitzvah.

Workshops with hands-on creativity will engage the students and acquaint them with the technical and artistic aspects of the profession. The students may have an opportunity to use a quill or tools which a sofer uses to write scrolls. Our Sofer will tailor the workshop or presentation to any age from preschool through university. His experience as a former civil engineer, and Kollel scholar, he can relate to both secular and Yeshiva students. 

Special Tefillin workshop for Pre Bar Mitzvah boys is a must for every 11-12-year-old boy.



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Sofer Avrohom Dovid writing a Mezuzah.

A Mezuzah brings protection to you and your family according to the Code of Jewish Torah law. It is torah and written in the code of Jewish law that being careful with this Mitzvah one receives long life for themselves and their children.